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Using KVM and Virt-Manager via XQuartz on MacOSX (and Solving the Keymapping Trouble)

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In the last couple of months I got to play around with virtualization at work. Doing automated delivery pipleines and provisiong via puppet I decided it’s time to get my hands even more dirty at home.

I got myself a HP Microserver N54L equipped with 16 GB of RAM and 9 TB disks. I wanted ZFS and KVM. Since the machine has an AMD processor the only way was to install Linux on it. SmartOS would have been a nice choice but it only supports KVM for Intel processors.

There are some hickups to get virt-manager running via X11 on Macos.

You need to fix two things.

Do Not Use Javadoc

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Javadoc is here to help. To understand what the code does and how it works? Right?

I don’t think so. I confuses the heck out of me in most cases.

Javascript Testing for Java Projects

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I’m a Java Programmer. I do mostly web projects. There is a tendency to move away from server side frameworks towards Javascript (+mvc) and rest services. This now involves me in programming Javascript at the GUI level. Welcome maven, IDE and continous integration.

Hello Octopress

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Octopress. Now.

I got tired of Wordpress and choose to get something different. Octopress. First, I like markdown and I want to become a little more fluent. Second, publishing is only a commit away. Plain html files, no php. Hosting everywhere. I can start to learn ruby. Can I ask for more?

Expect some hickups in the next days. I still need to see how the whole disqus things works out.

Cucumber-jvm for Java

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In an earlier article I compared cucumber (with Cuke4Duke) and Concordion. It was very cumbersome due to the ruby/jruby jvm chain. Behold - the new cucumber-jvm was released. So how did it improve ?

Cucumber-jvm has support for many languages, e.g. Scala, Groovy, Closure and of course Java. I will focus on Java and Maven.

One Assert Per Test, Really.

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Recently I was debugging my code and I could not see why my test was failing. It took me about 20 minutes to see that I violated one rule I try to follow. One assert per test.

After tweeting it I got some reaction ranging from ‘this is a very silly guideline’ to ‘Tests should test one thing. Often one assertion, but not always.’. I, of course, tend to agree the latter one.

So what’s in for you when you use one assert per test? What are the problems?

Hello Again.

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My former hoster had a system crash and it took a while to get an older backup working. Some posts are lost.

Here I am.

Thanks for the patience.

Things still might be a little messy but I’m working on it.