May 9, 2011

Hello again

My former hoster had a system crash and it took a while to get an older backup working. Some posts are lost. Here I am. Thanks for the patience. Things still might be a little messy but I’m working on it.

July 20, 2010

Spring 3 MVC, Ajax and jQuery Magic (or better: simplicity)

I’m playing around with some web frameworks lately and to see what’s in store with Spring 3 MVC (never did too much with it) I gave it a try to see how it handles Ajax. According to ajax simplification announcement it should be possible to get up and running in (almost) no time. We will do a simple web application which will show the current time via Ajax. The directory layout (using maven) should look like this:web. ... Read more

June 5, 2010

Busy Programmers Guide on where to buy eBooks

Every Programmer needs to read books. Usually you would get some packages from Amazon (or your favorite retailer) and read through them. Now with devices like the Kindle and iPad (and Nook and…) things will change. No more carrying around a couple of hundred pages of paper. Only some Megabytes on Gigabytes of storage. The displays nowadays are good enough and the battery is not a problem for the most part. ... Read more

April 26, 2010

How to detect if your server is down when making jQuery Ajax calls

If you developed an ajax rich web application, maybe even a single page interface, you want to make sure that the user gets notified if the server is not reachable anymore. This happens either if the it goes down or the client loses its network connection. Depending on your code the application can run for a while and the user is confused about missing interactivity. So how do you detect this? ... Read more

April 20, 2010

Lightweight Web Prototyping for the Framework loving (Java) Developer

A couple of month ago I had an idea for a small web app. But what does it take to do it ? Do you start with the back end or the front end (read server or client side) ? Typically I would start at the back end, get the domain right and then see how I can fit the UI in. If a programmer starts this way you end with the typical ‘the programmer did the GUI’ scenario. ... Read more

March 22, 2010

How we switched from Subversion to Git

So I heard about these strange distributed version control systems like over a year ago. I used it in my own little projects and everything went smoothly and I really liked it. The idea also caught on at work and my team started a using Git in a fresh project last summer. We did not had so much problems since you can use Git very much like a central vcs like Subversion if you want to. ... Read more

February 23, 2010

5 code metrics you need to watch

Developing software ain’t easy. How do you know how you are doing ? You could start collecting metrics about your code. These can give you some indication how maintainable and reliable it is. The metric which come to mind to the most people is code coverage. Some people say it must be near 100%, other say 80% is a good number. At the end it can’t tell you if you are doing great or good. ... Read more

February 9, 2010

Name your objects right

Whenever you create an object you have to find a meaningful name. While renaming later in modern IDE’s is no problem at all you should not pick the first name which comes to your mind. Imagine you have an external fraud detection web service and it will return a ‘hit’ or ‘miss’. How do you name this object? HitOrMiss maybe (since this is the representation you get from the webservice) ? ... Read more

February 6, 2010

One year of blogging

One year ago I started to blog again. Time for a little recap. Why did I do it ? I use this blog to write down my own thoughts about software and development. This is for my own reference but also it is a little way to give something back to the world wide community in return for all the useful stuff I do read on the net. I noticed how this also made me a better programmer. ... Read more

January 13, 2010

What's your preferred development infrastructure stack?

In Response to Matt Raible’s question about my preferred development stack. Source control In my own development project I switched to Git some time ago. I was using svn and before that cvs for a couple of years. Git just makes it easy to try out small ideas very quickly without reverting the code. We will introduce Git at work pretty soon (I hope). The Atlassian cloud I was using Confluence as a Wiki in my open source project and my current employer Hypoport uses it as well. ... Read more

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