July 27, 2012

Do not use Javadoc

Javadoc is here to help. To understand what the code does and how it works? Right? I don’t think so. I confuses the heck out of me in most cases. When I look at code like /** * Version number of signature. */ public static final String SIGNATURE_VERSION = "1"; I get the feeling that the javadoc is pretty pointless. Well, the damn String is named what it is, how does the Javadoc help me here? ... Read more

July 12, 2012

Javascript testing for Java projects

I’m a Java Programmer. I do mostly web projects. There is a tendency to move away from server side frameworks towards Javascript (+mvc) and rest services. This now involves me in programming Javascript at the GUI level. Welcome maven, IDE and continous integration. Coming from the JVM world I’m pretty much used to writing tests in my IDE running them and then writing the production code. What I found out, this is not that easy with Javascript. ... Read more

April 12, 2012

Cucumber-jvm for Java

In an earlier article I compared cucumber (with Cuke4Duke) and Concordion. It was very cumbersome due to the ruby/jruby jvm chain. Behold - the new cucumber-jvm was released. So how did it improve ? Cucumber-jvm has support for many languages, e.g. Scala, Groovy, Closure and of course Java. I will focus on Java and Maven. ... Read more

April 20, 2010

Lightweight Web Prototyping for the Framework loving (Java) Developer

A couple of month ago I had an idea for a small web app. But what does it take to do it ? Do you start with the back end or the front end (read server or client side) ? Typically I would start at the back end, get the domain right and then see how I can fit the UI in. If a programmer starts this way you end with the typical ‘the programmer did the GUI’ scenario. ... Read more

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