February 1, 2017

Service Discovery For Machines And Humans

My slides from the OOP 2017 conference. Abstract: Combining Continuous Deployment and a Microservice architecture brings new challenges to develop and operate your platform. A service discovery enables you to build a flexible system. Developers need to have an up to date view on the deployed services as well. A human readable registry with relevant information is needed. I will outline what we solved with a Service Registry and what impact it had on our architecture. ... Read more

January 15, 2016

How is your microservice architecture doing?

It all started when my new boss stepped into my door and asked me if I had a clue how our system was working. In an ideal world we would have teams and developers who work on a isolated context with clear boundaries. They develop, test, deploy, monitor and operate everything by themselves. They are on 24⁄7 call and therefore they do everything possible that nothing fails. The system is stable and brings in the money. ... Read more

September 29, 2015

Entwicklung verteilter Systeme - Herausforderungen nicht nur an die Architektur

This is my talk about Development of distributed systems - challenges not only for the architecture. You guessed it, it is in german. I gave this talk at BedCon 2015 and I will talk about it again at the Architecture Gathering 2015 in Munich on October 22nd. Abstract: Jede Platform wächst mit der Zeit. Mehr Entwickler mit noch mehr Ideen und Vorstellungen arbeiten alle gemeinsam an der Weiterentwicklung. Das System wird größer und auf viele Systeme verteilt. ... Read more

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